"perhaps her greatest strength lies in being able to understand each client's taste and needs...."(client)

"Rachel has excellent design skills, including a depth of technical understanding of materials, costs, complexity and how design elements, construction requirements, buidling codes and different trades and skills need to come together for a project to succeed." (client)

"Having done multiple home and office construction projects over several decades, with different designers, contractors and budgets, I have found Rachel to be one of the best people I've ever worked with." (client)

"In short, I would strongly recommend Rachel for any design project, particularly complex projects, and I would hire her again without hesitation." (client)

"Whenever I can, however, I get Rachel involved in the project first, even if the homeowner feels confident that they already know what they want. (They always thank me for it later.) Rachel is able to.......create a unified project that exceeds the client's expectations. And best of all, she is able to do this with such clear communication, that even the most demanding clients feel well served." (contractor)

"Rachel is, without a doubt (and without exaggeration), the hardest working individual that I have worked with (we've been through nearly 60 employees over the last 11 years.) She is focused, driven, and comitted to whatever task is at hand. She is devoted to green buidling principles, and she continually impresses me with the thoroughness and clarity of her communication with both clients and co-workers." (contractor)